Love changes everything

Begin with yourself

I’m Terri Flynn and I use creative expression as the vehicle for a happier, peaceful, and more vibrant YOU.



My art-based group processes with 1-1 intuitive guidance creates a harmonizing effect on the body to quiet the mind and revive the natural inclination toward your true self.  


My casual studio environment stimulates the imagination and has ample space for comfortable distancing.



Once your arrive, settle in and let yourself be immersed in the experience  …  your heart and imagination instinctively know what to do.


The most visible creators are those artists whose medium is life itself.   The ones who express the inexpressible ~ without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar.   They are the artists of being alive.
-Donna J. Stone



 Intention is the foundation for calling forward something we want.

Experience the freedom of asking for what you want and the delight of seeing it become a reality. 

Create a meaningful intention.   Dream.   Hope.   Prayer.  Longing.   Wish.   Desire.   Necessity.

Express your intention visibly and creatively.  Fun and freeing.  

Establish some focused actions.  Your intention becomes a reality.

Experience the support of a group and receive additional 1-1 personal guidance.    Invigorating plus you don’t have to do it alone!

The cost is $150 and will be offered Fall 2021.  More information will be available at the end of July via email brochures.

I hope you’ll join me.

Terri Flynn

Terri Flynn Life Coach and Artist
A little something about me…
                                           I’m reading The Artist’s Way for the 2nd time —  inspiring
                                           One of my dreams is to own a farm with a big barn
                                           I love nature, creating, and spending time with family and our 2 Bernese Mountain dogs

My career began as a wanna be pilot.  It was FUN but not the career for me.

In search of something more personally creative, I completed my Master’s of Organization Development and eventually started Tru4you to focus on coaching and designing programs that engage the heart and soul.

I have filled my professional tool box with things I’ve enjoyed learning and that I use everyday:  Life Coaching, Psychology of the Self/ Voice Dialogue, Art Therapy, Positive Psychology, Trauma Healing, Painting and Drawing, Leadership Training for a Healthy World, Retreat and Nature Coach, Enneagram, Emotion Code, the Akashic Records, and Nature – the greatest teacher and inspiration.


 I approach things a little different than the industry standard . . .
I prefer working with people SITUATIONALLY and SHORT-TERM. I’ve found that it’s more realistic and highly effective for managing big feelings, life changes, and intense experiences.


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