Love changes everything

Begin with yourself

Personal exploration meets creative expression

                                                                       Alleviate anxiety and body pain

                                                                       Find meaning and purpose

                                                                       Increase self-awareness and confidence

                                                                       Choose action over procrastination

                                                                       Improve relationships

                                                                       Establish new behaviors


Life can be unexpectedly messy – a diagnosis, death, grief, anxiety, procrastination, pain, job loss, relationships, aging parents, career challenges, Covid!

Creative expression is an experiential way to deal with life’s hurdles.  It provides meaningful insight into feelings, thoughts, actions, and is a voice for the body. This whole-self approach engages one’s instinctive resources to handle things with greater dignity and ease.  It involves processes combining image, sound, movement, metaphor, narrative, color, nature, and scent.

Group programs and 1-1 sessions are the delivery formats.  In-person group programs are limited to 4 people with air purification and ample space to create a safe and inviting environment.

I also love working 1-1; in-person, phone or zoom.  During the initial meeting the discussion involves problem identification, desired outcomes, and a plan of options.

Spring 2022, a self-paced personal planner and journal, inspired by Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way, will be available for purchase.


Terri Flynn

I’m the author and facilitator/mentor/coach who loves creating these scientifically based processes that support people in their personal discovery of unexpected outcomes and amazing revelations.

I began this work after witnessing the limitations of talk therapy. In my early 40’s, the untamed tiger in my body reemerged as anxiety, perfection, unfounded despair, and insecurity.  Medicine, exercise, food, alcohol, and continuous education provided no lasting impact.

Finding art therapy and trauma-based creative expression launched me into a new, more meaningful way to live and work. I have never looked back!


“So many things make sense now.”

“I have the courage to do what I need to do.”

“My mind has never been this quiet.”

“I feel lighter and younger.”

“I do not beat myself up as much anymore.”


The most visible creators are those artists whose medium is life itself.   The ones who express the inexpressible ~ without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar.   They are the artists of being alive  –Donna J. Ston


Terri Flynn Life Coach and Artist

Some things about me . . .

I’m a lover of beautiful and holy things, an artist, entrepreneur, gardener, platform tennis and pickleball fan

Best job, the role of Mom

30-year dream come true – buying a farm with my husband

A note of importance … God is my hero and gets full credit for the hard-to-understand situations and humanly impossible problems I’ve faced.  I do believe that each person has their own viewpoints which I respectfully honor.  I no longer hide my truth though; I’ve wasted too much time worrying about what people might think or say.



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