Wonder keeps us open-eyed and alive to life.


Who am I?  What is my purpose. Is this all there is to my life?

In this 3-part process your heart and life experience are your guide as you embark on creating a life portrait that distinctly reflects your individuality, dreams, and desires.
– ¬†It’s for people who want to¬†let go of expectations ¬† ¬† ¬† from others.
– ¬†It’s for people who want to love themself. ¬†
– ¬†It’s for people who want a more meaningful life. ¬†
This multi-layered process invites engagement with many different elements including images of people, places, animals, and things. Inspiring words and phrases from poems, songs, books, and movies are used.  We call upon our mentors, ancestors, and supporters asking them guide our process and ideas.
We bring it all together with tape, glue, color, glitter, markers, fabric, stickers, beautiful paper and so much more.    
In the end you will say with astonishment, “I’m amazed this is me!”¬†
Offered in-person, groups of 4.  Spring and Fall 2021.


We expose the universal theme of not good enough and its cunning ways it controls our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and actions.
Here we summon our internal wise beautiful self and ask Her to guide us to our sacred & loving self where not good enough has no power.  We call back our dreams and remember that everything is connected.   
This 4-hour program is offered in-person, groups of 4.  Late Spring 2021.

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