We are all artists of our life.

Personal Guidance

Everyone can access their own answers.  It’s easier though when we can be fully heard and understood by someone.  When we reconnect with our internal wisdom, we live from our reservoir of peace and divine oneness.
This 1-1 time supports you on all levels.  As an unbiased witness, I  hold the energy of divine love and universal consciousness to create a safe space to receive what you need most.
Offered virtually until further notice.  1-2.5 hrs

Sacred Medicine Woman

Your sacred medicine woman lives deeply within you.  She’s a gift beyond your wildest imagination.
She’ll bring you the answers you need for your health, to resolve problems, to trust yourself, and to navigate life with greater ease.
This is your time to call Her forward and access Her bounty of knowledge and ancient wisdom.
No experience necessary.  Offered two times in fall and winter.  3.5 hrs

Soul Cards

Connect with your inner guidance, a mystical perspective that invites you to see beyond what seems apparent.
Why?  It expands our thoughts and behaviors.  We remember that everything is connected to everything else.  We more fully embrace our inner beauty and strength.
– Decisions become easier.
– Stress decreases.
– We become peaceful & calm.
No experience necessary.  Offered monthly, September – April.  2 hrs.


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