Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive Consultations are an opportunity for you to anchor into God—Higher Power—the Divine as the source of all information.

During our consultation the Akashic Records prayer is the gateway that activates the energy fields and knowledge exchange. I serve as a liaison guiding, initiating and creating a sacred space for you to access love as your true essence. Although every person’s experience is unique, a myriad of benefits prevail: deep peace, stress relief, reduction in shame, guilt & fear, greater inner wisdom, mental and emotional clarity, shifting belief patterns/behaviors, elevating consciousness, stimulating creativity, plus so much more.

As an apprentice working with these Records for 15 years, they are an awe-inspiring source of wisdom and compassion. Each time I am entrusted to work with someone accessing this ancient intuition as my first language, the gift is as profoundly rewarding and beautiful for the receiver as it is for me.

Consultations are offered in person or by telephone and cost $75 for 75 minutes. Payment in advance is required via PayPal.

Intuitive Consultations

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