How does coaching work?

There are two viable options. The first is technology. All of my personal life coaches have been out-of-state and we have effectively coached via telephone or Skype. The second option includes meeting in person at my beautiful art and coaching studio.

Each coaching session is 45 minutes. Typically, we coach once a week for three weeks and take the fourth week off. We make exceptions to this schedule when necessary. When there is a need to reschedule, we request 24-hours’ cancellation notice. Make-up sessions are completed within one month of the original appointment.

The first session is complimentary and approximately 30-45 minutes in duration. This introductory session is to discuss the coaching process and your expectations and goals.

If at any point you are not happy with the coaching process, your money for that session/package will be refunded.

What is my time commitment for coaching?

Life coaching is a supportive process providing creative incentives and tools to use every day. Best of all, the magic of the coaching process continues as you incorporate it into daily life.

Your commitment is to yourself, it includes your time and your desire to work for what you really want. Your goals and current issues dictate how we spend our coaching time. My role as a life coach is to provide support, encouragement, objectivity, and compassion meeting you wherever you may be in the present moment while holding the larger collective vision.

How much does individual coaching cost?

The initial getting acquainted session is complimentary. The best value is the 3-session package for $210. Sessions scheduled one at a time are $150 each.

What can I expect from the group programs?

We like to keep our program size to about 5-7 people. Our design process incorporates coaching and the exploration of individual creativity to integrate the experience more fully.

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