Coaching is about  . . .

Motivation.  Replacing procrastination with action.  Accountability.  Working smarter.  Setting yourself up to succeed.  Quieting the negative noise.

It’s about real progress.

Make a new start with coaching.

Terri’s warm, intuitive, and results-oriented approach to Career Coaching provides her clients the perfect mix of a safe space to explore and the support and accountability to achieve.  She has the    versatility to help clients in various stages of career transition. 


Coaching Options

  • Individual Career Coaching – This involves working with me on a 1-1, per hour basis focusing on specific aspects of the career search process.
  • Group Career Coaching
    • Part 1 covers the search tools:  Resume, LinkedIn and Networking.
    • Part 2 is action based:  Securing networking and job interviews.
  • Personal Development Group Coaching – These are creative half to full day programs that include:  vision boards, journaling, purpose & value, self story & portrait.

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