Speak with Honesty  – Think with Sincerity  –  Act with Integrity

Why aren’t I making progress?    Why do I keep doing the same things?     Why am I not motivated?


WHY uncovers what’s not working.

WHAT and HOW creates CHANGE.  

Coaching creates clarity.
Coaching is about uncovering possibilities, being accountable, and committing to honest dialogue.
Coaching offers integrated, strategic approaches to achieve your personal and professional goals.
Coaching is practical and focused on what’s needed and how to put it into practice.

Curious to learn more?

Coaching Choices


Individual Coaching
      •  Client-focused on desired life and career outcomes.
Group Coaching
    • Career
      • Part 1  – Resume, LinkedIn and networking.  Conducted in 3 separate sessions.
      • Part 2  – Job interview strategy & preparation.  Conduced in 2 separate sessions.
    • Life Skills
      • Half to full day programs on 1) creating solid agreements  2) knowing your purpose  3) optimism and updating life stories 4) creating new habits.
      • Programs are offered at select times during the year.  Communications are sent via email.
Contact me to be added to the email list or with questions about coaching programs.
Coaching 1
Coaching 2
Coaching 3





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