Clarity, Purpose, Options, Goal Setting, Accountability, Motivation, Action, Support

Our job is everything. It’s where we give and receive value. It’s where we contribute and grow personally and professionally. It’s also an important part of our identity.

When there is uncertainty around our job or we don’t have one, we find ourselves facing some uncomfortable decisions and unfamiliar aspects of ourselves. What now? What do I want? Where do I start? What is my purpose?

As a career and life coach, I help you navigate these unpredictable times and get you moving in the direction of finding a place and position that’s rewarding. Together we evaluate options, decide upon the best courses of action, and deal with the fears and uncertainties.

We spend 80% of our life working, do what you love.

People who work with a career coach reach their goals quicker minimizing the stress and financial pressures. People hire a career/life coach when they are unemployed, under-employed, personally/professionally stalled, re-entering the workplace, experiencing workplace conflict, or newly retired/considering retirement.

No matter your reason for coaching, what’s important is your desire for something different and your personal commitment to want to change.

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