“Terri’s a natural facilitator who carefully listens and observes her clients to assess their needs.   She finds creative ways to help you become aware of your own strengths and potential, and she provides a safe and compassionate space to overcome your personal obstacles.  After finishing two group coaching sessions, I have gained confidence to return to work after staying home raising my kids.  Terri is tremendously dedicated to helping her clients, even beyond the hours of the program.  If you are looking to make a change, I highly recommend a Tru4you Coaching program with Terri!”   Julie, February 2019


I have ideas, you have options.

People like to know why things happen.  Why they aren’t getting called back for interviews.  Why they got laid off.  Why someone else got promoted, etc.

Why is important but focusing on what and how moves people from frustration into action.  Coaching is a way to put structure around goals and ideas. People love it for the support, accountability, honest interaction and motivation.  Best yet, from a coaching perspective, I’m most interested in helping people find the most effective way to overcome personal blocks and get results.  It’s not designed to be a long term commitment.

Before I boldly exclaim, “Hey, coach with me!”  I invite you to call me, email me, or send a chat note here.  And YOU can then honestly decide.

Terri Flynn

Terri Flynn Life Coach and Artist

Terri Flynn

Coach, Parent, Artist, Friend, Career Specialist, Mentor, Intuitive, Creative, Motivator, Hard-Worker, Incorrigible Learner, Nature Lover, Gardner.

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