Interact Quizzes

I was looking for a way to connect with my new and prospective audience of women who are interested in my Tru4you women’s programs and life coaching. I found that offering learning opportunities using short, engaging quizzes was an effective way to motivate and pique the interest of people visiting my website. It was also an indirect to boost subscriptions and a casual way to gather/share information. The company with the most intuitive and creative software is Interact Quiz Builder,

Here are some of the best features:

  • Quiz takers do not have to give their email to get their results, there is a button that allows them to opt out
  • The time when the quiz pops up is customizable
  • Once the quiz is embedded into a website, new changes can be made thru Interact and automatically uploaded
  • The ‘look and feel’ of the quiz design is EASILY customized with your logo, brand and style
  • The Interact software logic makes is effortless to connect the questions with the results
  • The results are tied to pre-designed emails that can be customized and sent as follow-up emails
  • There are numerous applicable quiz templates to choose from and of course there’s an option to create your own
  • Interact is continually updating their software

There you have it! I highly recommend trying this fun, simple and logical software that engages your audience with new information, while also boosting subscriptions and gathering information.

This is ideal for anyone in the service industry – dentists, chiropractors, creatives, fitness, retail, etc. Or use it as a way to test out a new idea or product launch.

You will get to know your audience better and they will be excited and impressed to learn something new in a fun way.

Use this link to check it out. Please let me know what you think!

All the best,

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