What will you do with this wild and wonderful life?

~ Mary Oliver

Life is going well.  Everyday busyness is the norm.

An unforeseen surprise occurs.  Sudden unemployment or accelerated career problems.  Family or personal health changes.  Loss of a loved one.  These events spiral an already busy routine into SUPER CHALLENGING and COMPLICATED.  Without forewarning weariness sets in.

When you finally recognize what’s happening, it is up to you to –

Grab moments for yourself

Care for yourself in the best ways possible  

How can you do this?

Tru4you is a refuge for self-care and creativity.  Love, Kindness and Creativity are the foundational components for our heart-body life coaching and passion programming.

Terri Flynn – Professional Life Coach

As a life skills and career coach, I have 18 years of business experience, hundreds of coaching hours and an equal amount of personal development training and life experiences focused on nourishing willing hearts and underfed spirits.

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The Coaching Page has additional insights about coaching.


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A little something about me…
I love to paint and draw, the color purple, the fragrance of lily of the valley, winter sunsets, flowers and family.
I dream of . . .  lots of land for plants, animals and a big cool barn for creative endeavors.
What do you dream of?

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