Stand in the path of the vision you have chosen

– St. Elisabeth of Schönau

Find the Job or Career You Love

Tru4you is a place where you will discover your purpose, find your ideal job, and realize that change is easy with the right support.

Who I Am

My name is Terri Flynn and I’m a career and life coach who provides experienced-based coaching and training to people in search of a job and career path they love.

Coaching with Me

Anyone can find a job; the real magic happens when you find the right opportunity. That’s what I help you do!

I get people to set aside their apprehension and embark on a personal journey to find what they want and love to do.

We spend most of our life working, it’s worth your time to find something that fulfills you.

I wish you a warm and sincere welcome! Learn more about my Coaching and Workshops.

A little something about me…

I love horses, the color purple, winter sunsets, gardening and my boys and husband. I dream of having a FORD Raptor, a horse, and a farm. Stay tuned!!!

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