Express your beautiful self.

Live Your Beauty. 


Connect with the passion of your heart and the beauty of your soul with ART Wellness.

ART Wellness is about loving what it is … all of you.

ART Wellness relieves the disconnect we feel by engaging us with a creative process where we explore thoughts, feelings, ideas, and problems using combinations of color, image, word, sound, scent, movement, nature and so much more.

ART Wellness’s effect is to expand us to become loving stewards of ourself and vibrant caretakers of our world.

ART Wellness captures your true essence and is an artful expression of YOU.

Terri Flynn uses creative combinations of artistic expression to promote healing, create awareness, and live a more vibrant and meaningful life.

Follow your heart, it is never wrong.

Begin with yourself.

A little something about me…
Living vibrantly alive is about loving and caring for myself first in order to be a creative wisdom leader in imagining a new world. 

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